About Me

I am a third year undergraduate at Harvard University studying computer science and statistics. My interest is in applying machine learning and other computational methods to social science. In this blog, I mostly write about probability, statistics and machine learning.


Papers in progress.


  • Scientific Programming (Python, R)
  • Computing (Hadoop, Spark, Computing Clusters)
  • Deployment (Docker, AWS, Heroku)
  • Machine Learning (Scikit-Learn, Tensorflow, Pytorch)
  • Web Programming (Rails, Flask)
  • Mobile Programming (Swift)

Work Experience


Selected Coursework

Computer Science

  • CS121 Theory of Computation
  • CS124 Data Structures & Algorithms
  • CS136 Economics and Computation
  • CS181 Machine Learning
  • CS236r Research in Economics and Computation
  • CS281 Advanced Machine Learning
  • CS282r Research in Robust Machine Learning


  • Stat110 Probability
  • Stat111 Inference
  • Stat210 Probability Theory
  • Stat286 Causal Inference

Applied Math

  • AM221 Advanced Optimization

2– are graduate level courses —r are research focused seminar courses