About Me

I am a third year undergraduate at Harvard University studying computer science and statistics. My interest is in applying machine learning to social data.


Deep Label Propagation for Semi-Supervised Learning
with Nir Rosenfeld and Amir Globerson

Accountability Through Robust Classification
with Daniel Giebisch, Suproteem Sarkar and Yaron Singer

Work Experience

I have worked for a $9B unicorn as a machine learning engineer, launched a Tokyo branch of a Harvard-MIT data consulting firm, and helped build a tool every Android developer uses.



Machine Learning (Tensorflow, Pytorch, Scikit-Learn)
HPC (GPU, Hadoop, Spark)
Deployment (Docker, AWS, Heroku)
Web / Mobile Development (Rails, Flask, Swift, Golang)


Selected Coursework

Computer Science:
(U) Computation Theory, Data Structures & Algorithms
(G) Machine Learning, EconCS

(U) Inference
(G) Probability, Causal Inference

Applied Math:
(G) Convex Optimization

*U: undergraduate level, G: graduate level