Finding the right tech company to work for

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I introduce you below the four most valuable sources of information for landing a job at a company that is right for you. Why four? Because I think there are four types of good tech companies to work for:

  1. GAFA
  2. Unicorns
  3. The next unicorns
  4. Well-funded startups

They are in decreasing order of size. Given companies are (potentially) successful, I’m a firm believer in choosing among them by size because it determines how you work. How you work then determines how satisfied you are with your everyday life. That is why I recommend filtering companies by size first.

Once you’ve done so, you can find companies whose mission resonate with you, pay you well, whose founders and employees you like, etc. You can also try to assess their growth potential. The lower you go down on the list, the more you have to be reponsible for your assessment. Whatever your criteria are, I would recommend applying to a bunch of companies from your chosen company size(s). You can always choose among the ones you got offers from later.

Here are the links:

  1. GAFA: Get prestige, work healthy, get a decent pay check

    Go to GAFA career site.

  2. Unicorns: Get on the big wave, make impact, potentially get paid even more

    Wikipedia: List of Unicorn Companies

  3. The next unicorns: Create the big wave, grow with your company, get equity

    Breakout List
    Wealthfront Career Launching Companies List

  4. Startups: take risks, do everything, potential upside is enourmous

    Y Combinator: Work at a Startup

Case Study:

For my summer internship, I wanted to work for 3. This was because I wanted to

  • work at a company with exciting growth.
  • have big enough responsibilities for what I do.
  • do ML. Big companies generally don’t let undergrad interns do ML.
  • have good mentorship. I once worked for 4, and did not have enough mentorship.

So I applied to a bunch and ended up at Wish. The company appears in both Breakout List and Wealthfront List. It is also in 2. Looking back, it was exactly the type of work I was looking for.


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